Inside the Cafe

Inside the cafe music plays,
‘Brown-eyed girl’, ‘ABC’, ‘That’s why (I love you so)’,
feel good Motown sounds flood the cafe,
my legs move, shake and shiver from restraint,
as choreographed images of dancers
flood the cafe, lunging, twirling, leaping onto the bar,
sliding, landing elegantly, spinning on bar stools,
jumping up and over couches, lounge chairs, under tables,
partners touching, pulling close, supported then apart.
Tempo changes, a bluesy song plays,
a solo dance begins full of sadness,
and loneliness,
dreams reaching, longing hearts breaking,
the beat goes on, bum, ba bum, bum, ba bum.
My body wants to move,
to spin and to express again,
I sit still as my fingers fly, betraying the energy within.


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