Etymology of Human:

latin origin, related to humus, maybe,
of the earth, a resident, an extension,
vibrating at her frequency, a single species,
pulsating among millions, as mites and bacteria cover,
live within me, my species covers and lives
with the earth, causing harm, causing health.
I, an individual human, among innumerable beings,
an earthly being, distanced from nature, I suffer.
Earth suffers as the humans of the earth,
from the earth, connected to the earth, become ill,
or believe, erroneously, they are above other creatures,
are separate from others, separate from all of nature.
Like bacteria within us, no longer in balance,
unlike the bacteria that we can not live without,
the earth will live without humans, but still,
we are connected, as a chakra system swirls around me
the atmosphere of earth swirls around her, my mother,
unseen yet colorful, covering, flowing, vibrating in waves,
can not separate myself, should not separate,
a change at one end of a particle wave affects the other,
Earth is ill when I am ill, and when I am ill, Earth is ill,
there is no action without reaction, a cliché saturated with truth.
Health, nature, I choose, to find nature within me, to resonate
with my children, my neighbors, my city, my biome.
I choose to create health, then my earth can be, and I may,
still will, be of the earth, with the earth, an extension of the earth.

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