Letting Go

Letting Go

“Let It Go” circulates through my brain,DSC_7627
the catchy rhythm, forceful words,
the no longer cool song of 6 year old girls,
but my theme of now.
Let the attempts to control events go
roll the dice, see where they land, let them be,
the universe will take care of itself, of me,
a minuscule aspect of the universe.

Let the thoughts go,
they can not help,
as the white petals fall from the trees
having served their designated purpose,
they drift like snow to the ground, tumble
across the pavement escorted by the wind,
on their way to being compost,
feeding the next cycle.

Let the emotions go,
feel the vibration of the emotion,
the tempo, the color, the texture,
feel where each emotion resides,
emotions that grip my heart, my soul
wrench at my gut, pull me forward, back
sideways, upside down, and frequently, inside out,
now let them go, even as compost,
emotions can not help.

Thoughts return to explain, rationalize, justify,
support, and suppress the emotions.
Let the thoughts pass through as vibrant clouds
floating through the blue sky of my mind,
mustn’t hold onto a thought, follow, or chase it,
observe and let the thought be and it will go,
but my thoughts are resilient miscreants
demanding my attention, dragging me away
from experiencing my truth, my self.
Thoughts create new stories, to entertain,
to pardon my actions, or lack thereof,
nuisances distracting my mind from peace.

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